Amrut Reforms 2017 - 2018

Sr. No. Reforms Milestone Status ANNEXURE


1. Personnel Staff Management (ULB Level)

1. Online Notification of Recruitment rules for all Municipal Cadres Online Doc. Annex-1.1.1
2. Online up-to-date service records/staff details and seniority lists of last two years (2015-16 & 2016-17) e-NagarSewaUP Snapshot Annex-1.1.2
3. Online Biometric Attendance System Website Snapshot
4. Online Payment of Salaries & Wages S/W Snapshot Annex-1.1.4
5. Online Employee's Grievance Redressal System
e-NagarSewaUP Snapshot
6. Sou-motu disclosure under RTI Act on website
Website Snapshot


2. Project Managment

1. Online PMIS : Financial Progress e-NagarSewaUP Snapshot Annex-1.2.1
2. Online PMIS : Physical Progress e-NagarSewaUP Snapshot Annex-1.2.2
3. Online issue of NIT and providing Tender documents online Snapshot Annex-1.2.3
4. Online submission of tender including online payment of EMD
Website Snapshot Annex-1.2.4
5. Online payments to Consultants / Contractors / Vendors
S/W Snapshot Annex-1.2.5
6. Geo-tagging of assets created (on mAMRUT app)
Mobile App Screenshot
2 Municipal Cadre 1. Policy for right-sizing the number of Municipal functionaries by states
State Level
3 Double Entry Accounting System (DEAS) (ULB Level)
1. Publication of Audited Balance-Sheet / Annual Financial Statement on ULB Website (Year 2015-16, 2016-17 & 2017-18) Website Snapshot Annex-3.2
4 Urban Planning 1. Establishment Urban Development Authority State Level
2. Develop at least one Children Park every year in AMRUT Cities (Year 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18) (ULB Level) – Development / Construction & Value addition in a park with children's facilities Park Pics / Tenders / Work-orders Copy Annex-4.2
5 Swachh Bharat Mission (S.B.M.) 1. Elimination of Open Defecation (ODF) Elimination of Open Defecation (ODF) : State Sanitation Policy State Level
Elimination of Open Defecation (ODF) : Percentage of certified ODF ULBs 100%
(All 90 Wards)
2. Waste Collection (Door-to-Door Collection) (ULB Level) 1. Percentage of wards with 100% door-to-door waste collection 100% Annex-5.2.1
2. Percentage of complaints resolution on Swachhta App by ULB 91% Annex-5.2.2
3. Percentage of wards practicing 100% source segregation. 100% Annex-5.2.3
3. Transportation of Waste (100%) Percentage of collected waste being transported for scientific disposal (scientific landfill or processing) 100% Annex-5.3
4. Scientific Disposal 100% (Composting, RDF, Waste-to-Energy, etc.) Percentage of waste being processed scientifically In-progress (At present Waste-Processing is being done by Composting Method)

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