Our History

Meerut district has been a centre of various historical and political activities and thus is a well known name in the India 's History of freedom struggle mainly the Revolt of 1857.

It is located between Ganga and Jamuna rivers. It's temperate climate and fertility of soil add up no the authentivity of inhabiting in this district.

Its proximity with the imperial capital (Delhi) has brought about quick and continuous progress in technological, aspect in one hand and on the other hand,it has also been one of the most drastically affected regions during blood sheds and other pehhoal convotion.

Meerut district is pancally inhabited by Tyagis, Jats, Rajputs, Vashyas etc. who have contributed in is overall progress through. Then agricultural skills and other enterprises.

Meerut got national and international recognition during the revolt of 1857 when on 24 th April, 85 troopers out of 90 of third cavalry refused to touch cartridges and were penalished by being improsioned for 10 years.

Because of efficient transporation and communication system, Meerut became and important centre for commerce, educations and politics. It has maximum people endulged into liberal professions, judiciary and business.

Apart from its professionally progressive and acceptable graph, Meerut has also been a centre for the rising of various socio - religious reform movements, religions, cultural, intellectual and political activities

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